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G8 Space Saver
Item # 72102


Genuine GM Holden spare tire/wheel combo to suit V6 G8 and V8 G8 GT (not GXP). This combo is designed to match the factory G8 18 & 19 wheel rolling diameters and fit into the G8 trunk wheel well.

G8 Jack tool kit
Item # 74103


Genuine Holden spare jack / tool kit for G8 GT

$292 shipped/delivered
$267 shipped/delivered
Locking Wheel Nuts
Item # 74133 Black
Item # 74134 Chrome

USPS (7-12 days transit no tracking)
DHL (3-5 days with full tracking)

Holden VE(G8) Locking Wheel Nuts kit includes the plastic black or chrome lock nut covers.

G8 Space Saver + Jack tool kit Special
Item # 74114
G8 VE Locking Wheel Nuts

$497 (shipped/delivered) 


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